When you've got an aspiring treasure hunter in your household, then a kids metal detector will keep them busy for ages and, hopefully, encourage a brand new hobby. But what precisely do you need to search for in a kids metal detector? Here's some shopping for tips.

How often will your kids use it? If it is for occasional use, say up at the cottage only, then you definitely needn't spend a ton on the latest and best model. If they're below 10, a toy-type kids metal detector will be more than enough.

If your little one is older, or wants to come together with you on treasure hunts, then you definately want something a tad more advanced. There are inexpensive, basic newbie models, and even handheld metal detector wands that might work better as an intro model.

Location is a crucial consideration. If they will use it close to water, you then want either water resistant or, better yet, a waterproof kids metal detector. A water-proof model will probably be more durable, particularly if they drop it in the water, and they normally come with waterproof headphones as well. If you'll be around salt water, ensure that your detector is rated for salt water use.

If this is going to be a shared metal detector, ensure that it is adjustable to  completely different heights and sizes. You want an adjustable pole and arm. Some models mean you can carry the control box in a pouch, which makes it even simpler to use for small kids.

Kids metal detectors don't want plenty of high end functions. You want to get something easy, with simple to use controls. Most toy-type detectors range anywhere between $30-$50. For older youngsters, expect to spend slightly more particularly if you're going to use it as well. You could find good entry level detectors for around $100-$200, depending on what features it comes with.

Before you buy any kids metal detector automotive fastener manufacturers , remember that most kids have short attention spans and, until this is a serious interest for them, they are likely to make use of it a couple of times and then tire of it. Don't get too excited while you're purchasing, and as a substitute search for a good balance between decent performance, and cheap price tag. Most children can be pleased with something that beeps, and lets them dig up simple treasures like old pull tabs and pennies! So keep that in mind, and remember that in the event that they actually start to like treasure hunting, you may always upgrade to a better detector as they get older.