You are planning for a classic wedding and you want the best of everything. Here a designer platinum engagement ring is a great option to consider. It is well known for its uniqueness plus it is handcrafted. Above all there is one exceptional reason to consider this engagement ring model. The platinum is an excellent metal to be passed down through the generations of your family as a beautiful heirloom.

Considering the fact that it is fairly high priced than the rest, couples would have second thoughts while purchasing the designer platinum engagement ring. There are, however certain things that makes platinum above the league. Basically platinum is a beautiful naturally white metal which is between 90 to 95 percent pure. This purity is the reason why the metal is completely hypoallergenic and perfect for people with sensitive skin. Yet another fact is that it is almost 35 times rarer than gold that there are only two major sources for platinum in the world. The metal is refined so much that it takes ten tons of ore to produce even one ounce of platinum. The metal has everlasting features as it is very dense and it will not wear thin over time. Hence it becomes a perfect symbol of enduring because of the rarity and durability of the threaded rod for 3d printer metal.

You may be looking for a classic piece of designer platinum engagement ring and would be surprised to find many different varieties. You also have the choice to set any precious stone in it to make it your own. Setting diamonds is the traditional way but these days more and more couples are opting for fancy colored diamonds as well as other colored stones. The benefit is that the glowing luminescence of platinum would go along well with almost any color and cut of gem.

While considering the various designs in platinum engagement rings, Novori is one of the leading jewelers that offer two designs in its section. The first design is the tulip which is an amazing style with a head created by six pave diamond encrusted petals. There would be diamonds around the center stone and on the ring band and the center stone is also held in place by these diamond filled petals which would look like a tulip. Novori offers around eighteen very unusual settings in this section. In most of them two rows of micro pave diamonds encircle the center stone. the second one is the sareen collection which is a gracefully curved collection that includes micro pave diamonds around the center stone. There would also be an optional bezel set diamond beneath the main center stone. Fifteen different settings are available in this collection.

If you have made up your mind to buy the designer platinum engagement ring, however you need to be prepared. Platinum is the most expensive choice that you would be making and you should be completely sure about your decision. The metal is heavier compared to all other metal bands and also would feel heavy on the finger. Yet some people feel that the metal is not worth the huge fortune since it can be easily misunderstood for silver or white gold.